Eigen Huis & Interieur

EHIInterieur Druivelaar-3In het juli 2016 nummer van de Eigen Huis & Interieur hebben we een prachtige publicatie van maar liefst 13 pagina’s. De voormalige boerderij, de druivenkas en het gastenverblijf stralen! We zijn hier heel trots op. Lees hieronder ook ons verhaal.

Productie – Rob Jansen • Fotografie – James Stokes • Tekst – Erik Paul Jager

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Eigen Huis & Interieur



Petite Passport

Pauline Egge van Petite Passport heeft ons gastenverblijf bezocht en een mooi stuk op haar populaire (maar liefs 48.8K volgers op Instagram!) blog geplaatst. Hieronder is haar artikel te lezen. Bekijk de hele publicatie en de rest van haar mooie artikelen op Petite Passport.

Productie & Fotografie – Pauline Egge



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“Brenda and Florian, the owners of Huize Druivelaar, met on the School of Photography in The Hague, they moved to Amsterdam, Brenda started working with ceramics and at a certain point they grew out of their home. So they searched for a new place to live and they had two big wishes: a studio to work in and a garden. It was hard to find something that matches their desires in Amsterdam so they started looking in the rest of The Netherlands as well. As by coincidence they went to a 100-year old vinery and plantation in Breda, met the owner who also worked as a photographer and they knew: this is our next home! They completely renovated the building, kept the vinery and the huge garden and they opened a guest room. And that’s the reason I visited them last week!

Huize Druivelaar is located very convenient – close to the highway, but also close to the center of Breda – and I arrived via a lush green alley, a sort hidden entrance. When you open the gate to the vinery your jaw will drop immediately. This is heaven. It smells really nice, you see the grapes and you only hear the sound of the birds. Brenda welcomed me with a cup of tea and some chocolate and we’ve chatted a bit in that old vinery. The guest room is used by couples, singles or for example a mother and a daughter who like to explore Antwerpen (which is really close) or Breda or just want to unwind for a bit in nature. You can rent bikes if you wish. The room has a bath and the interior is a mix of vintage design found on Marktplaats and Scandinavian design. And you have your own terrace in the vineyard, although you can also use the garden behind it.”



The Boho Guide

Anouck van de The Boho Guide heeft in Huize Druivelaar overnacht en heeft een mooi artikel geschreven. We zijn trots dat we tussen alle andere bijzondere en inspirerende locaties op de site staan. We krijgen zelf ook helemaal zin om te reizen! Hieronder is haar ervaring te lezen en hier kan je het gehele artikel bekijken.

Fotografie en tekst – Anouck Plume

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“My arrival at Huize Druivelaar was like a magical experience, I was mesmerised by the beautiful grapevines and the traces of the recent harvest and tried to imagine the even bigger impact this place would have in summer when the grapes are ripe for the picking. Waking up in the morning it felt like I was still dreaming.”

Huize Druivelaar is a very special and magical guesthouse, hidden inside a greenhouse. The former farmhouse used to be a part of a grand estate still marked by a beautiful white villa nearby. The property can only be entered through a narrow green alley leading you to its entrance, totally hidden from the street. The friendly fluffy chickens of their neighbors welcome you to the property.

The location of Huize Druivelaar couldn’t be more perfect. It’s easily accessible from the highway, near the forest, and a ten minute bike ride away from the city centre. The bikes are complementary. So no matter if you want to visit the beautiful historic center of Breda or want to enjoy some peace and quiet you’re at the right place. The combination of luxury and nature feels perfect. The guesthouse is surrounded by a large green garden dotted with apple and walnut trees.

The owners, Brenda and Florian, met each other during their shared time at art school. They both are creative souls: Brenda makes ceramics and Florian is a photographer. Their workspace is next to the guesthouse where you can find them during daytime. If you’re interested, they are happy to show you their work, be sure to check it out!


Hutspot Amsterdam

In het juli tip lijstje van het trendy Hutspot Amsterdam is ook Huize Druivelaar opgenomen. Hieronder is de geplaatste tekst te lezen.

‘For those who are passing through the south, we forbid you to miss Huize Druivelaar. This 100-year old vinery and has been rebuilt into a beautiful and cozy guesthouse surrounded by a huge garden too.

Huize Druivelaar belongs to two artists who were looking for a living- and work space to practice their photography and ceramics. They ran in to this plantation and renovated the whole building, perserving the vineyard and all of the other characteristic features. Even the location is convenient at biking distance from the centre of Breda. It’s safe to say it’s the perfect weekend getaway!’



We waren altijd al weg van de bijzondere tekeningen van Liekeland en voelen ons heel vereerd dat Lieke het mooie logo en de andere illustraties van besjes, bloemen en takken voor Huize Druivelaar heeft gemaakt. In het echt is de druivenkas nog twee keer zo lang maar dan was het logo nogal uit balans. En hadden we maar van dat soort exotische planten in de kas! Misschien komt dat er ooit nog van.

Illustraties en logo ontwerp – Liekeland • Lieke van der Vorst